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Zimbabwe Halaal Council

We are a Zimbabwean organisation established to certify the Halaal compliant foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the whole spectrum of Halaal Tourism compliant products.

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About Us

About ZHC

The Zimbabwe Halaal Council (ZHC)  is a Zimbabwean Halal certification body. We follow international Halal and Food Safety standards that are recognized worldwide and by the majority of the Muslim majority countries.


The ZHC  is managed by the ZHC board of Trustees which comprises of Islamic Scholars. It is a domestically recognized full service commercial and professional certification body that is dedicated to promoting Halal business and understanding of Halal dietary  and lifestyle compliance. The Council facilitates dialogue between industry and consumers which entail assurance of Halal compliance.


Who Do We Work With?


Confectionaries & Bakeries

Restaurants & Food outlets

production & Manufacturing

Drinks & Beverages



What Do We Do?

Halaal audits

We make analysis, and audits on the Halal products being offered or are to be offered by an organisation.


If the products comply to the Halal standards, we issue a certificate which would be produced to any stakeholders.


We have qualified inspectors who are always at the certified organisation premises to make sure the standards are complied to.


We train the stakeholders on matters with regards to Halal & we have regular publications which you can get from our offices.


To get certified, you may get in touch and one of our Halaal experts will get back to you as soon as possible.  We have made the process convenient for you!

Learn More...

We have regular educational publications which are meant to give stakeholders more information as well answering their questions on Halaal matters.